Buy 2 Months Tanning Get 1 FREE

Buy 2 Months Tanning Get 1 FREE

Get rid of any tan lines, escape the heat, and save hours tanning outdoors this summer.

Purchase 2 months of an unlimited tanning package and receive the third month free. This is a 90 day consecutive package that starts on the day you purchase it.

Standard Beds: $180 – $60 = $120 
Premium Beds: $270 – $90 = $180

Works for both Regular and Turbo Tanning beds. Sale Ends: June 31st’2017.

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Experts speak out on Sunlight and U.V exposure

Experts speak out on Sunlight and U.V exposure

Contrary to what a lot of people think, U.V exposure from indoor tanning beds and the sun are virtually the same. Our bulbs ignite a phosphorus gas inside the bulb to emit U.V light, while the sun is burning other similar gases to also emit U.V light. The U.V light that reaches us past the ozone layer is typically 95% UVA and 5% UVB, this is almost the exact same as our tanning beds.

Now experts are changing their opinion about sunlight in general. This is after they realize how many problems are surfacing from hiding from the very light that created this planet and all of its species.

Christmas 2016 Special

Christmas 2016 Special



Upgrade to Any Bottle or Minute Package
AG Accelerator | $28.74
5 Sessions Regular Beds | $33.00
AG Hemp Nation | $29.99
Three Free Sample Lotions | Value of $15.00+


Reg: $107.00      Sale: 75.00

SAVE $32.00

The True Value of a Tanning Lotion

The True Value of a Tanning Lotion

Ever wondered why some tanning lotions are pricier then others? This might help to explain why.

We take our bottle of 14 KARAT GOLD RUSH by Design Skin for example, it has almost 5 things going on inside of it.

1. First, the bottle contains Tyrosine, an amino acid which boosts the melanin production in the body and accelerates the browning of the melanin injunction with U.V Light.
2. Secondly, the bottle contains a sunless bronzer which continues to tan your skin for up to 3-12 hours after your tanning session. These bronzers can stay on your skin for 5-7 days.
3. Thirdly, the bottle contains cosmetic immediate bronzers, similar to a liquid bronzer found at Shoppers or Sephora, which provides immediate colour!
4. Fourth, the bottle contains a few different intense and deep moisturizers that help fight against the drying effects of the sun.
5. Last but not least, the bottle contains anti-oxidants, anti-aging and skin firming ingredients found in high-end skin care products. 14K Gold Rush contains Hyaluronic acid, a moisture-binding characteristic is exceptionally important when it comes to skin aging.


Student Special Year 2016-2017

Student Special Year 2016-2017


Save 15% off your First Package

If you attend high school, college or university then show your photo I.D to receive an 15% discount.

* New clients only. For first package. Not applicable towards single sessions. Taxes are extra.
• Must be 18 years of age or older with valid photo I.D.
* Expires: May 1st’2017


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