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Premium Beds

Passion Cutt Out

•    More U.V.A: Giving you a deeper, darker,
longer-lasting tan
•    Suitable for beginners
•    Better coverage
•    Higher quality facials bulbs
•    Larger, wider & more comfortable
•    25% more bulbs
•    160 watts v.s 105 watts
•    Works great for psoriasis & eczema (U.V B)
•    Reflectors on lamps: Reflecting the sun back
onto your skin from behind the bulb
•  Stronger fans to cool you off

Ergoline Sunrise 480 Ottawa

Standard Beds


•    Cheaper tanning packages
•    Longer tans (20 minutes)
•    3 facial units which you can toggle on/off
•    Works great for psoriasis & eczema (U.V B)
•    Suitable for beginners

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