Student Special Year 2017-2018

Student Special Year 2017-2018


Save 15% off your First Package

If you attend high school, college or university, then you can show your photo I.D to receive an 15% discount.
This year we are also extending the 15% discount on your first tanning lotion as well, if it’s purchased at the same time as your tanning package.

* New clients only and for first package. Not applicable towards single sessions. Taxes are extra.
• Must be 18 years of age or older with valid photo I.D.
* Valid: August 1/2017 to April 30/2018

10 GREAT Things About Tanning

10 GREAT Things About Tanning


We would like to mention to you some really cool benefits about tanning and exposure to U.V Light.

• Elevated Mood
• Increase Natural Endorphin’s
• Look and Feel Healthier
• Look Thinner and Leaner
• Increased Energy
• Create a Natural Defense against a Sun Burn
• Treats Eczema and Psoriasis
• 100x Vitamin-D then a Glass of Milk
• Vitamin-D prevents & fights breast, prostate, ovarian, colon cancer and bone diseases (such as osteoporosis)
• Treats Seasonal Affected Disorder ( S.A.D’s )
• Relaxation




4 Main Benefits to Purchasing a Lotion in Ottawa

4 Main Benefits to Purchasing a Lotion in Ottawa


Accelerate Your Tan

• The melanin activating peptides, which are the basis of all lotions ( non-bronzers and bronzers ), aid the producing of new melanin cells that create the brown pigmentation during U.V light exposure.

• Lotions also bring oxygen to the skin to accelerate your tanning session.


 Moisturize For a Deeper, Darker, Longer lasting Tan

•Moist skin tans 40% more efficiently than dry skin. If you look at dry skin under a microscope, you’ll see a lot of peaks and valleys; this inconsistency smoothness reflects U.V light in certain areas and absorbs it in other areas causing your tan to be inconsistent. By smoothing out the skin with a proper moisturizer, you are absorbing more U.V light evenly and contributing to a 40% better tan result.


Skin Care

• The majority of our tanning lotions contain anti-oxidants, skin firming, and anti-aging ingredients to provide the best possible looking skin while achieving a dark tan.


•You can choose a lotion that has extra bronzing power and adds additional colour  to your skin on top of your U.V tan.

• This helps darken your skin faster and longer, allowing you to get the same results with less visits to the salon. It also helps busts tanning plateaus that you would eventually get with the U.V light.


Natural Lotions
• We now carry a variety of lotions with natural organic ingredients that are free from cosmetic preservatives.
Sensitive Skin/Hypoallergenic

• We carry a special line of tanning lotions for those with sensitivities to certain perfumes and ingredients.


Scent Free

• Lotions that are completely scent free.
• This works well for people who are sensitive to smells or who like to wear other perfumes/colognes and don’t want it to interfere.
Men’s Lotions

• Men have traditional thicker skin and more body hair.

• These lotions spread between hair follicles better.


Tingle Lotions

• These work extremely well; especially for the legs. They help oxygenate the skin.

• Oxygen is a key player in the tan. It’s also the reason why people have a hard time tanning their legs, and it’s also the reason why some people get the white bunny tale on the bottom of their backs where the bed causes pressure points with the skin.


Tattoo Guard

• We have a line of lotions that contain tattoo protectors. Tiger grass is the main ingredient and is well known for its colour preserving properties


Facial Tanners

• We wash our face with different soap then we wash our body. Our face is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of our body and we treat it differently with special tanning lotions.

• Our facial tanning lotions are oil free. Oily body lotions are great for tanning and provide lots of moisturizing effects for our skin, however, we don’t want to clog our face pores with these lotions.

My favourite ingredient with facial tanning lotions is hyaluronic serum. . Naturally found in the body, hyaluronic serum secures moisture and creates fullness..



At Bel-O-Sol Tanning Salon, we have one of the largest selection of tanning lotions in Ottawa; with over 61 different bottles of lotions to choose from.

Call Today for more information. Located at the corner of Bank St and Walkley Rd.


Can A Tanning Salon In Ottawa Help With Hives?

Can A Tanning Salon In Ottawa Help With Hives?

A new study that was recently published talks about the potential link with Vitamin D and hives, and indoor tanning is a great source of to obtain these essential vitamin levels.

Vitamin D deficiency is actually quite serious, and there are many people in Canada who have this issue. People who are low in vitamin D often find that they have very pale skin, difficulty staying energetic, and also have difficulty in losing weight. If you’ve been feeling listless and lethargic, you may be experiencing signs of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency can also make it difficult for people with longterm skin problems, such as chronic hives, to get the relief that they need.

One recent study conducted by doctors at the University of Nebraska Medical Center has pegged vitamin D therapy as a way to help patients with chronic hives overcome their outbreaks faster than ever before. The short study used vitamin D3 pills to help curb signs of hives that have already appeared, and according to the doctors, they managed to see some success. Even small doses of vitamin D were able to help peoples’ symptoms improve. Doctors also noted that higher doses of vitamin D improved the overall results that the patients experienced.

Granted, this study was done with D3 pills, but scientists are now speculating that a wider range of vitamin D an help prevent and curb damage due to allergic outbreaks like the ones seen with chronic hives. If you’re averse to the idea of popping vitamin D supplement pills, don’t worry – you can still get the same effects by simply booking a short appointment at a tanning salon in Ottawa.

The bottom line about tanning is really quite simple. As long as you approach the entire issue of going to a tanning salon with a sense of moderation, you might actually get some health benefits from having this be a regular habit. As long as you do your part to make sure that you avoid overtanning, or avoid getting burned by the sun, you will be able to avoid vitamin D deficiency, get a fabulous tan, and also keep your risk of skin cancer at a minimum.



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