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NEW!  Don’t want to tan your face?  Perhaps you have already tanned your face by being out in the sun and would prefer to simply tan your body.  Our advanced beds with facial tanners allow you to turn the facial tanner off!  Just another difference that we offer our clients.

Our tanning equipment is very important to us and is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest. We maintain a rigorous schedule on maintenance, bulb replacement and of course all our equipment is fully sanitized after every use.

After years in this business we know that our best advertising is a beautiful tan. Our clients get compliments all the time and their friends and family ask them “where did you go tanning?”
The quality of the tan we can deliver is a direct results of our investment in the best equipment.

We constantly monitor advances in tanning and make the investment to make sure that our Ottawa tanning equipment is the best available. Come try the difference today!

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