Spray Tanning in Ottawa
Why Tanners Choose VersaSpa

Why Choose Our Spray Tan Machine?

The VersaSpa has proven itself with over 50+ MILLION tans and counting!

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Eliminate the change of orange with premium pH balancing ingredients.



Formulated with Odor-Ban 200™, designed to virtually eliminate tanning odor.

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All products are gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free and formulated with professional-grade ingredients.

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Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts.

Versa Spa Prices

Versaspa Prices

Bronzer - Level 1 (light)
Full body spray with only the bronzer (clear) solution.
Bronzer - Level 2 (Medium)
Full body spray with only the bronzer (clear) solution.
Bronzer - Level 3 (Dark)
Full body spray with only the bronzer (clear) solution.
Prep + Bronzer (Level 2)
A single full body spray with prep solution then bronzer (clear) level 2.
Bronzer (Level 2) + Extender
A single full body spray with a clear bronzer (level 2) + moisturizer.
Prep + Bronzer (Level 3)
A single full body spray with prep solution then bronzer (clear) level 3.
Bronzer (Level 3) + Extender
A single full body spray with a clear bronzer (level 3) + moisturizer.
Prep + Bronzer (Level 2) + Extender
Prime your skin, then add the medium bronzer, finish off with the extender.
30 Days (Full Spa package)
Up to 6 spray tan sessions every 30 days. Includes prep + extender.
30 Days (Bronzer Only)
Up to 6 spray tan sessions every 30 days. Bronzer only (level 1/2).
30 Days (Pre-authorized Debit)
Up to 6 spray tan sessions every 30 days. Includes prep + extender. 6 month committment
Bronzer - Level 1 (light)
3 session package of the Bronzer only (level 1/2).
Bronzer - Level 2 (medium)
3 session package of the Bronzer only (level 1/2).
Bronzer - Level 3 (dark)
3 session package of the Bronzer only (level 3).

You Choose How Dark You Want to Be

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

Prep Solution ( Add-On )
Pre-Sunless PH Balancing Treatment. Fortify your skin and enhance its color with a proprietary blend of green tea extracts, amino acids, and other professional-grade ingredients. VersaSpa's pH balancing treatment instantly balances your skin's pH levels, increases absorption by dispersing its natural oils, and maximizes hydratation before each session.
Sunless Bronzing Treatment
The blend of green and brown marine algae stimulates the collagen in your skin to become firmer and the amino acids in DHA to develop the most optimal color on your skin. This combination develops the most beautiful tan.
Moisturizing Solution ( Add-On )
Post-Sunless Super Hydrating Treatment
VersaSpa's super hydrating treatment, a proprietary blend of skin soothing botanicals, soy proteins, green tea extracts, and other professional-grade ingredients, helps to replenish your skin's vital nutrients, diminish fine lines, and deepen its golden color after a session. It's the secret to a longer-lasting, natural looking sunless tan.
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Click here https://versaspa.com/about/faq/ for a complete FAQ Fact sheet!

Frequently Asked Questions
Versa Spa | Bel-O-Sol Ottawa

What is a Multi-Treatment Spray Tan Session?

A VersaSpa Multi-Treatment Session is a process of combining 2 or 3 formulations in the same session. Keep in mind that treatment sprays (Pre-Sunless pH Balancing Treatment, or Post-Sunless Super Hydrating Treatment) are all 2 passes (front and back) while Bronzing Treatment is applied in 4 passes for complete, perfect coverage. Additionally, your blow dry passes match your spray passes; therefore, a Bronzing and Super Hydrating Multi-Treatment Session will be demonstrated as:

Bronzing – Front, Side, Side, Back Blow Dry – Back (2x), Front(2x)
HydratinG – Front, Back Blow Dry – Back, Front

Can I swim, shower, and workout with my sunless tan?

Of course! But be sure to wait at least 4 hours to allow the formula to react with your skin’s amino acids and proteins. In fact, the longer you allow the solution to remain on your skin, the longer lasting your tan will be. Finally, swimming in highly chlorinated water will significantly reduce your results.

Will the Bronzing Formula stain my hair or clothing?

The VersaSpa Sunless Bronzing formula is completely water soluble. Users may notice some initial cosmetic color on the inside of their clothing, but this color will wash out in cold water.

What’s in the Sunless Bronzing Formula that makes me tan?

DHA, dihydroxyacentone, combined with anti-aging, skin firming ingredients is the main compound that produces a customized bronze glow. DHA has been an approved cosmetic additive by the FDA for over 30 years. VersaSpa chemists have refined the technology to produce the most outstanding formulation that results in silky smooth, glowing skin with a refreshing after scent.

Do the Versaspa have an after smell?

The Versaspa claims to have no after smell; However, we find that it still does. It’s significantly less the other spray/sunless tanning products and machines.

And is it safe?

The FDA has approved DHA as a topical application and recommends that users should avoid inhaling or ingesting DHA. As a result, VersaSpa Spray Tan emits the least amount of solution necessary to achieve a full body tan, thus decreasing the amount of inhalable mist for a more pleasant experience. Furthermore, VersaSpa Ottawa users are encouraged to use protective measures to eliminate ingestion such as: using protective eyewear, nose filters, and sealing lips with lip balm; and the use of disposable undergarments.

Is there an age limit?

The Versaspa can be used on ages 12 and up.

How to Use
Versa Spa | Bel-O-Sol Ottawa
  1. Use Versa Spa exfoliator the night before. (No need to exfoliate before coming)
  2. Use in the morning so you can shower that night (Water only)
  3. Wear loose dark clothing and sandals
  4. Try not to rub any excess off, except for hands and feet
  5. Do not wear moisturizer or make-up immediately before session
  6. Use barrier cream (provided) on finger and toe nails, bottom of the foot, palms and in-between toes and fingers
  7. Don’t exfoliate until next sunless spray tan session
  8. Moisturize twice a day each day after the Versa Spa Sunless Tan session, to prevent shedding the tan
  9. Stand in front of the fan (located in room) for 2 minutes to dry off
  10. Do not shower for 6-9 hours after spray tan session, and first shower should be 6 hours after just to rinse extra bonzer off.
  11. Avoid working out or sweating for up to 6 hours after the tan session.
  12. Hair nets available upon request (make sure to expose your hairline)
  13. Tie up your hair tight in a pony tail.
  14. Wash hands after session. (To Remove excess spray tanning solution)

How to use our Versaspa Spray Tan Booth