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  1. Tell Us About You: Answer a few simple questions about your skin type, tanning habits, and desired results.

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Monthly tanning packages start at just $2 per day

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Tanning FAQs

Yes – both indoor and outdoor tanning gives you tons of vitamin D. One tanning session on our premium beds gives you between 80-100 glasses of milk worth of Vitamin D. That’s around 10’000 IUI’s of Vitamin D. Vitamin-D helps fight prostate, ovarian, colon and breast cancer. Vitamin D is “The Sunshine Vitamin” which is produced in sufficient amounts in the body from sunlight exposure. Though you may not need to get a tan in the sun to make vitamin D, it is important to know that tanning in equipment with UVB will also produce vitamin D.

You absolutely have to wear eye protection. Just closing your eyes is not enough; the UVA will penetrate your eyelids and damage your eye. The Ontario government requires you to wear eye protection at all times with all of our tanning units. We sell disposable and permanent tanning goggles

To build a tan, tan on a regular basis. Don’t let your tan spend too much time between visits or start to fade. It is recommended that between each session you wait 36-48 hours to allow your tan to grow completely between visits. You can grow your tan by rising indoor tan time gradually and tanning 2 to 3 days per week. When you’ve got a tan, one or two days a week you should keep it tanning.

Yes, each tanning session darkens the skin. The skin requires a couple of tanning sessions to allow the skin to oxidize its melanin, darken and create a tan. It is not possible to hurry this operation. Depending on the amount of melanin in your skin, your tan will begin to deepen within 3-5 sessions. Consider adding a custom airbrush to your UV sessions to achieve a darker look more easily. We recommend priming the skin with a tanning lotion to maximize the skin darkening while receiving UV light.
Our tanning units have 95-97% UVA and 4-6% UVB. Tanning is natural and results in the same results whether at home or in an indoor ottawa tanning salon. Sunbeds provide complete control of the brightness and duration of a session, which minimizes the risk of uneven tanning or sunburn. Benefits of UVB
  1. Gives you Vitamin D
  2. It helps fight psoriasis & eczema. Source.
Regarding UV light, most sunbeds and sunlight produce the same kind and mix of sunlight: 95 percent UV A (UVA) and 5 percent UV B (UVB). The difference is that most sunbeds are 2-4 times as intense as the summer sun. That’s why you only stay in a sunbed for a short period. “Everyone’s skin is different. ” That’s why we utilize the Smart Tan Skin Type System™ to determine your skin type and target you with the appropriate tanning solution. Our sunless tanning system does the best job of tans while keeping sunburns at bay.


Yes, they are. All of our tanning units have between 3-5% UVB, which is perfect for treating skin conditions like psoriasis & eczema. For certain patients, unsupervised sun exposure is a normal prescription to undergo phototherapy,” they concluded.” “The selected use of commercial tanning beds for the treatment of dermatological conditions may be another useful and effective treatment for patients who are unable to access phototherapy at the office or at home.” The research reviewed in the new study published in the Dermatology and Therapy journal indicates that sunbeds are a valid choice for psoriasis and may also be useful “as a treatment option for atopic dermatitis, fungal mycosis, acne, scleroderma, vitiligo, and pruritus, as well as other UV-sensitive dermatoses.” Learn More

Salon FAQs

During our busy season from December to April, you need to book an appointment online.

The provincial rules ban the sale of tanning services to those under 18 and require operators to request identification from anyone who appears to be under 25.

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