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Best Beaches In Ottawa, Canada

Are you searching for the perfect beach spot in Ottawa? Ottawa and its surrounding area boast a variety of stunning beaches. This article will guide you through the best beaches, offering everything from family-friendly spots to ideal locations for water sports enthusiasts.
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Key Takeaways

  • Ottawa surrounds its visitors with a variety of beaches, each offering unique experiences from calm, family-friendly shores to adventurous water sports locations.
  • Petrie Island Beach and Westboro Beach stand out for their family – oriented facilities including playgrounds and picnic areas, ensuring a fun day out for all ages.
  • Mooney’s Bay Beach and Constance Bay Beach cater to those seeking excitement with options like paddleboarding, kayaking, and volleyball courts available for enjoyment.
  • Britannia Beach is noted for its serene setting, which is perfect for sunbathing and swimming in clear waters.

Table of Contents

Petrie Island Beach: A Local's Favourite

Petrie Island Beach, nestled on the Ottawa River's shores, stands out as a top pick among locals. Its scenic views and family-friendly atmosphere invite visitors to enjoy a day filled with sun and fun.

Location and Description (Petrie Island Beach)

Petrie Island Beach sits in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Canada, offering visitors a slice of paradise with its sandy shores and clear waters. This beach is tucked away on the east side of the island, known for less crowded conditions, making it perfect for those who love a peaceful swim.
The East Beach shines as the top spot for swimmers looking for tranquillity and safety, thanks to lifeguards keeping watch during busy hours.
The area around Petrie Island Beach brims with amenities designed to enhance your day out. Here you will find picnic spots ideal for family gatherings, kayak and SUP rentals to explore the waterways, volleyball courts for some fun team sports, playgrounds that keep little ones entertained, and BBQ pits ready to grill your favourite snacks.
Accessible from various neighbourhoods in Ottawa, this family-friendly beach offers something enjoyable for every visitor while ensuring safety with diligent lifeguards on duty.

What to do at Petrie Island Beach

Petrie Island Beach stands out for its less crowded East Beach. It offers a variety of amenities for a fun day out.

Mooney’s Bay Beach: For Adventure Lovers

Mooney’s Bay Beach thrills with its adventurous vibe. Explore water sports and lively events in this scenic spot.

Location and Description (Mooney’s Bay Beach)

Mooney’s Bay Beach sits proudly in Ottawa, Canada, and shines as a top choice for beach lovers. It lies close to the vibrant heart of the city yet offers a calm escape by the Ottawa River.
This spot is known for its soft sand and clear waters, making it ideal for both swimming and sunbathing. Surrounded by lush greenery, it provides scenic views that are hard to forget.
The beach is not just about natural beauty; it’s also equipped with amenities that cater to families looking for a fun day out. From picnic areas to playgrounds and clean restrooms, visitors have everything they need at their fingertips.
During the summer months, Mooney’s Bay Beach becomes a hub for festivals and events, adding to its charm as a community gathering place.

What to do at Mooney’s Bay Beach

Mooney’s Bay Beach offers a mix of adventure and relaxation by the Rideau River. You can fill your day with fun activities or just enjoy the natural beauty.

Westboro Beach: Perfect for Families

Westboro Beach offers a safe, sandy spot for family fun along Ottawa's scenic river. Enjoy playgrounds and picnics in this welcoming community hub.

Location and Description (Westboro Beach)

Westboro Beach sits in the heart of Ottawa, surrounded by vibrant neighborhoods easily reached from highway 417. This beach is a haven for families and outdoor lovers, offering clean water and a scenic backdrop ideal for summer memories.
Amenities like free parking make it a breeze for visitors to come and enjoy a day under the sun.
The beach shines with its picnic areas, available kayak and SUP rentals, volleyballs courts, and fun playgrounds. Lifeguards are always on duty, ensuring everyone’s safety while they relax or play.
It’s not just about swimming; Westboro Beach serves as a perfect spot for those looking to spend quality time outdoors without venturing far from the city’s comforts.
Now let’s dive into what you can do at Westboro Beach.

What to do at Mooney’s Bay Beach

Westboro Beach is a prime spot for families looking to enjoy the Ottawa River’s scenic views. It stands out for its beautiful sunsets and proximity to other city attractions.

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Britannia Beach: A Serene Getaway

Brittania Beach offers a peaceful escape with its stunning sandy shores. Visitors can relax in the natural beauty or enjoy water activities in calm waters.

Location and Description (Brittania Beach)

Brittania Beach lies on the Ottawa River in Canada’s capital, featuring stunning water views and a serene vibe for those visiting. It’s a spot where you can enjoy the beauty of nature without straying far from city amenities.
The area is equipped for swimming, with wide stretches of sand perfect for sunbathing or enjoying a picnic. Nearby walking trails invite you to explore more of the scenic surroundings, offering a peaceful escape into nature.
This beach provides an ideal setting for relaxation and outdoor activities alike, making it a beloved destination within Ottawa.

What to do at Brittania Beach

Moving from the serene views of Britannia Beach, let’s dive into the activities it offers. This beach is not just about the picturesque scenery; it’s a hub for fun and relaxation.

1. Enjoy The Beachcombers ice cream shop

Treat yourself to a delicious ice cream while soaking up the sun at Britannia Beach. It's a must-visit for anyone looking to sweeten their beach day.

2. Go swimming

Dive into the refreshing waters of the Ottawa River. Swimming here is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

3. Sunbathe on the shore

Grab your towel and find a cozy spot on the sand. Sunbathing at Britannia Beach is perfect for those looking to relax and get a tan.

4. Have a picnic

Pack your favorite snacks and enjoy a meal with a view. The beach offers plenty of spots where you can lay down your blanket and picnic in peace.

5. Capture stunning photos

Bring your camera or phone to snap some shots of this beautiful location. The scenic views make it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts.

6. Bike along the river

Explore more of what the area has to offer by biking along pathways near the Ottawa River that are easily accessible from Britannia Beach.

7. Appreciate nature

Take time to immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere and appreciate the beauty around you, providing an escape from city life.

8. Dine nearby

After spending time at the beach, explore local dining options that offer delicious meals to refill your energy.

Leamy Lake Beach: A Natural Paradise

Leamy Lake Beach stands out as a lush oasis, blending untouched nature with refreshing waters. Visitors flock here to unwind and embrace the peace away from the city's hustle.

Location and Description (Leamy Lake Beach)

Leamy Lake Beach sits nestled in a serene natural setting, easily accessible from various Ottawa neighborhoods. This family-friendly spot boasts sandy shores and clear waters perfect for swimming.
With grassy areas offering shade, picnic spots, and amenities like kayak rentals, beach volleyball courts, playgrounds, and BBQ pits, it’s a haven for those looking to spend a summer day outdoors.
Fishing enthusiasts also find it an ideal place for a relaxing day by the water.
Next up is exploring the diverse activities you can enjoy at Leamy Lake Beach.

What to do at Leamy Lake Beach

Leamy Lake Beach is a serene getaway where clear waters and peaceful surroundings await. Here, visitors find a mix of recreational activities and relaxation spots.

Constance Bay Beach: For Water Sports Enthusiasts

Constance Bay Beach is where water sports fans gather for action. Enjoy kayaking, windsurfing, and paddleboarding in its clear waters.

Location and Description (Constance Bay Beach)

Constance Bay Beach sits in Ottawa, Canada, offering visitors a sandy shoreline and clear waters perfect for swimming. Its picturesque surroundings provide a tranquil atmosphere ideal for relaxation.
The beach comes with picnic areas, washrooms, and ample parking. This makes it easy for you to spend the whole day enjoying the water activities or simply soaking up the serene vibe of Constance Bay.

What to do at Constance Bay Beach

Constance Bay Beach is a haven for water sports enthusiasts and families looking for fun in the sun. It’s known for its clean water and variety of activities.

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Meech Lake/ O’Brien Beach: A Hidden Gem

Meech Lake/O’Brien Beach nestles in a secluded area, offering tranquility away from crowded spots. Visitors love its crystal-clear water and lush surroundings for a peaceful day out.

Location and Description (Meech Lake/ O’Brien Beach)

Meech Lake/O’Brien Beach nestles in the stunning Gatineau Park, a mere 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa. This gem offers visitors white sand and crystal-clear waters, making it an ideal spot for swimming and boating.
Known for its serene and scenic surroundings, the beach is among the top 25 beaches around Ottawa.
On hot summer days, this popular destination draws both locals and tourists. Lifeguards are always on duty to ensure safety for all swimmers, including kids. The area around Meech Lake/O’Brien Beach also serves as a playground for various activities like hiking, picnicking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing.

What to do at Meech Lake/ O’Brien Beach

Meech Lake and O’Brien Beach offer clear water and white sands, perfect for a day out. Lifeguards ensure safety, making it ideal for family fun.

Lac Philippe Beach: Perfect for Picnics

Lac Philippe Beach offers soft sand and clear waters, making it ideal for family picnics. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing in this scenic spot surrounded by nature.

Location and Description (Lac Philippe Beach)

Gatineau Park houses Lac Philippe Beach, a mere 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa. This spot boasts white sand and crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and sunbathing. It’s known for its family-friendly atmosphere, thanks to lifeguards ensuring safety.
The beach also offers amenities like BBQ pits, picnic tables, and rentals for kayaks and SUPs.
Visitors love Lac Philippe Beach for picnicking, hiking, kayaking, and paddleboarding. It attracts both locals and tourists seeking relaxation or adventure in a picturesque setting.
Now let’s explore what activities you can enjoy at this beautiful location.

What to do at Lac Philippe Beach

Lac Philippe Beach offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a day trip or weekend getaway. Here’s what you can do:

Burnstown Beach: A Peaceful Retreat

Burnstown Beach offers a quiet escape with its scenic views and serene atmosphere. Visitors can relax on the sandy shore or take a refreshing dip in the clear waters.

Location and Description (Burnstown Beach)

Located in Burnstown, Ontario, Burnstown Beach offers a serene atmosphere that captivates visitors. The sandy shoreline and clear waters make it an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing.
Families love coming here thanks to amenities like picnic tables, washrooms, and parking.
Surrounding the beach are charming shops, restaurants, and art galleries adding to its appeal as a peaceful retreat. Kayaking and canoeing on the Madawaska River provide adventurous options for those looking to explore further.
Explore what you can do at this tranquil destination next.

What to do at Burnstown Beach

Moving from the serene views and sandy shores, let’s dive into the activities that make Burnstown Beach a much-loved destination for visitors.

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Fitzroy Provincial Park Beach: A Nature Lover's Dream

Fitzroy Provincial Park Beach surrounds you with towering trees and calm waters. It's a haven for anyone who loves to explore nature's beauty.

Location and Description (Fitzroy Provincial Park Beach)

Fitzroy Provincial Park Beach sits nestled along the Ottawa River, surrounded by thick forests that add to its serene beauty. This beach is a part of Fitzroy Provincial Park in Ottawa, Canada, known for its breathtaking natural landscape and diversity of wildlife.
Trees shade the sandy shores, creating a perfect spot for picnics with stunning river views.
Visitors flock here to unwind and enjoy outdoor activities like swimming and hiking through scenic trails.
The park’s rich ecosystem makes it a haven for nature enthusiasts eager to explore the lush surroundings and spot local wildlife.
With clear waters and ample space, Fitzroy Provincial Park Beach offers an escape into nature’s embrace away from the city’s hustle.

What to do at Fitzroy Provincial Park Beach

Fitzroy Provincial Park Beach is a paradise for nature and outdoor lovers. It’s near Ottawa, perfect for day trips or a weekend getaway.

Driftwood Provincial Park Beach: Ideal for Camping

Driftwood Provincial Park Beach offers stunning views and a perfect spot for campers. Its sandy shores invite you to relax by the water or enjoy a night under the stars.

Location and Description (Driftwood Provincial Park Beach)

Driftwood Provincial Park Beach sits nestled in Ottawa, Canada, offering a haven for camping enthusiasts. The beach is renowned for its serene beauty and natural landscapes, making it a magnet for families and outdoor lovers alike.
With easy access, visitors can soak up breathtaking views of the surrounding areas while enjoying the tranquility of this peaceful spot.
The park comes fully equipped with essential camping facilities including designated campsites, fire pits for cozy evenings under the stars, and washroom facilities for convenience.
This ensures a comfortable stay as guests immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. Whether looking to unwind by the water or explore the great outdoors, Driftwood Provincial Park Beach delivers an unforgettable experience amidst pristine settings.

What to do at Driftwood Provincial Park Beach

After learning about the beautiful Driftwood Provincial Park Beach, let’s dive into the activities it offers. This destination is not just about its scenic views; it’s a place where adventure and relaxation meet.

Petawawa Point Beach: For an Active Day Out

Petawawa Point Beach invites you for a day full of energy and excitement. Dive into water sports or enjoy a lively picnic with friends right by the river.

Location and Description (Petawawa Point Beach)

Petawawa Point Beach sits gracefully on the Ottawa River in Petawawa, Ontario, Canada. This spot offers a peaceful setting where the river’s gentle flow adds to its calming atmosphere.
The beach is known for its clean sand and clear water, making it an inviting place for anyone looking to relax or soak up some sun.
Visitors find a variety of activities here beyond just swimming. They can enjoy picnicking with stunning views or explore walking and hiking trails around the area. The scenic surroundings also make it perfect for photo enthusiasts who want to capture nature’s beauty.

What to do at Petawawa Point Beach

Petawawa Point Beach is your go-to for an action-packed day. With its clear waters and sandy shores, it promises fun and relaxation.

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Barnet Park Beach: A Picturesque Setting

Barnet Park Beach offers stunning views and crystal-clear waters. It's the perfect spot for photographers and nature lovers alike.

Location and Description (Barnet Park Beach)

Barnet Park Beach sits on the serene shores of Calabogie Lake, enveloped by lush natural beauty. This spot offers a perfect blend of sandy and grassy areas, inviting visitors to relax or sunbathe in a tranquil atmosphere.
The beach is just a short drive from Ottawa, making it an ideal day trip destination for those looking to escape the city’s hustle.
Family-friendly amenities include washrooms and a fun play structure for kids. For adventure lovers, canoe and kayak rentals are available for exploring the vast lake. A covered area provides shade for picnics or taking breaks from swimming under the sun.

What to do at Barnet Park Beach

Barnet Park Beach is known for its breathtaking views and a mix of grassy and sandy spots perfect for sunbathing. It also features a shaded area for relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ottawa Beaches

People often ask if Ottawa beaches are good for swimming. Yes, many beaches along the Ottawa River and in Gatineau Park like Meech Lake and Lac Philippe offer great spots for swimming with clear water and sandy shores.
They wonder about activities besides swimming. You can enjoy kayaking, SUP rentals, beach volleyball, picnics, BBQs, and playgrounds at these locations.
Another common question is about safety features like lifeguards. Most Ottawa beaches have lifeguards during the summer months to ensure swimmer’s safety. Visitors also inquire about fees or permits needed for park entry or parking; some places might require a small fee or permit during peak times to manage visitor access and maintain facilities.

Pakenham Beach, Robert Simpson Park, and the shores near Bon Echo Provincial Park stand out as top choices for enjoying the water and sun.

Yes, you can enjoy delicious meals at various places like breweries known for barrel-aged beers or a Japanese restaurant serving sushi near these beach spots.

Families will find plenty to do from exploring parks and arboretums near Orléans to visiting interesting spots in The Glebe area.

The city offers many options including hotels and resorts close to popular beach locations ensuring a comfortable stay.

Absolutely! Besides swimming, you can enjoy scenic views, outdoor adventures at Bon Echo Provincial Park, or relax with a good beer from local breweries.


Ottawa offers beaches for every visitor, from serene getaways like Brittania Beach to adventurous spots at Mooney’s Bay. With amenities such as lifeguards, picnic areas, and kayak rentals, enjoyment is easy and practical.
Family-friendly options like Westboro Beach provide shallow waters suitable for kids. Water sports enthusiasts find a haven at Constance Bay Beach. For continued exploration, check the Ultimate Ottawa Valley Adventure Guide.
Dive into these natural paradises and make unforgettable memories by the water’s edge today.