DS 16 Karat Rose Gold


16 Karat Rose Gold (13.5oz) $120 ($4.44 cost per session) When you see the world through rose-coloured glasses, all that glitters is gold! The hunt is over… the treasure you seek is within reach and 16X Dazzling Splendor Bronzer marks the spot. Leave them stunned with Ultra-Refined Gold that delivers a lustrous luminosity only pure […]

Hemp Nation Kiwi & Cactus Water Tan Extender

Hemp Nation Kiwi & Cactus Water Tan Extender (18oz)SRP: $34.00 Feel refreshed and renewed with Hemp Nation® Kiwi & Cactus Water. Powerful Kiwi protects skin from environmental aggressors, while soothing Cactus Water supplies deep moisturization for a hydrated glow. Unique Microbiome Balancer works to balance skin’s natural microbiome properties for healthier-looking skin. Luxurious Hydrating Complex […]

JWOWW Relentless ™


JWOWW Relentless ™ JWOWW Relentless is a unisex Delayed Bronzer with added tattoo technology for deep, golden results and long-lasting hydration. Delayed Bronzer, DHA and natural colour booster, Melanin combine to achieve the optimal level of bronze that knows no boundaries. This does not contain any immediate bronzer, meaning that the lotion is white in […]



Get reliable and long-lasting results with this lightweight Resilient Black Bronzer, which flawlessly delivers a quick-absorbing formula for immediate color gratification and delayed, developed bronzed perfection. The Dashing & Dignified Complex combines luxurious skincare ingredients to tone, nourish and moisturize that tough exterior, while refreshing Coconut Water revitalizes and softens for exceptionally smooth skin. Finally, […]

Botanica® Pollution Protection™ DHA Bronzer


Every day we expose ourselves to dirt, dust and smog in the air, clogging pores and making skin appear dull and lifeless. Because of this, protecting skin from these urban pollutants is more important than ever! Fight back with this Pollution Protection™ Collection, featuring ingredients to help your skin stay bronzed and beautiful, plus a […]