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All of our tanning units have 95-97% UVA and 4-6% UVB.

Tanning is natural and results in the same results whether it is done at home or in an indoor ottawa tanning salon. Sunbeds provide complete control of the brightness and duration of a session, which minimizes the risk of uneven tanning or sunburn.

Benefits of UVB

  1. Gives you Vitamin-D
  2. It helps fight psoriasis & eczema. Source.

Regarding UV light, most sunbeds and sunlight produce pretty much the same kind and mix of sunlight: 95 percent UV A (UVA), and 5 percent UV B (UVB). The difference is that most sunbeds are 2-4 times as intense as the summer sun. That’s why you only stay in a sunbed for a short period.

“Everyone’s skin is different. ” That’s why we utilize the Smart Tan Skin Type Systemâ„¢ to determine your skin type and target you with the appropriate tanning solution. Our sunless tanning system does the best job of tans while keeping sunburns at bay.