Friday, November 22, 2013

People who live in sunnier areas around the world have a reduced risk of pancreatic cancer, advises a new study out of Australia.

When the researchers examined the Caucasian subjects, they looked at the location of their residence in their adult years, any outdoor work that they have done, if there is any history of lesion treatment and their sensitivity to sun exposure. The study found that for people living in places with higher ultraviolet radiation have a 30-40 percent lower risk of pancreatic cancer. Also, people who have fair skin had a 47 percent lower risk of getting pancreatic cancer compared to people with dark skin color.

The researchers of this study concluded, “our analysis supports an association between UVR (ultraviolet radiation) and pancreatic cancer, possibly mediated through production of vitamin D.”

The results found in this study are also consistent with previous ecological studies.


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