As a salon, it is our job to educate people on the benefits of sunless tanning, as well as how to make sure that you get the natural, beautiful summery glow of a quality sunless tan. When you are going sunless tanning in Ottawa, it’s important to know how to get the most out of your tanning experience, what to avoid, and what to expect.

  1. You should never overdo it. Sunless tanning can be addictive, but Ottawa is a Northern city and it will look silly if you try to look like you are living life in Miami throughout the year. It’s best to slow down on the tanning (but never totally stop) once winter hits.
  2. Wear loose fitting clothing when you go tanning. In some people, wearing tight fitting clothing can cause tanning spray to gather in creases or just rub off onto clothing. This is especially common if the weather gets hot and humid, or if it’s raining.
  3. It’s always wise to exfoliate before you hit the salon. Exfoliating, or removing dead skin cells from your skin, helps bring your fresh skin to the surface, which in turn prevents splotchy tans from happening. Exfoliating with a nice sugar scrub before the tanning appointment can also help lengthen the duration of your spray tan. Experts agree that exfoliating right before you go to the salon is best.
  4. Spray tanning is safer than traditional tanning. A lot of the reason why some many people choose to go sunless tanning in Ottawa is because it is less likely to give you skin cancer and wrinkles. Spray tanning is a very good option for people who are sensitive to sunlight, as well as those who simply do not want to risk cancer later in their years.
  5. Investing in tanning eyewear and lip balm is a good idea. Eyes and lips can be very sensitive to chemicals – even those that are safe to use on skin. If you are going to go tanning for the first time, getting this gear is a wise decision.
  6. Don’t be surprised if people ask you if you lost weight after a couple of tanning sessions. Research shows that tanned people look up to 15 pounds lighter than people who are pale.
  7. Tanning lotion is a great thing. Most tanning experts agree that applying tanning lotion to your skin after a sunless tanning experience is a great idea, simply because it helps your skin darken without the extra effort. It also gives your skin a smooth, buttery feel to it that really makes your glow all the more attractive.
  8. Sunless tanning in Ottawa doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. The best thing about the top salons that offer sunless tanning in Ottawa is that they are affordable. That means that getting and maintaining the tan that you have been wanting to have is actually within reach.

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