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[invicta_heading primary_line_html_elem=”h2″ primary_line=”How we work and why we love it” primary_line_keywords=”work,love” secondary_line=” Look and feel your best, and let us do the rest!”][invicta_steps animation=”animated” icon_1=”icon-heart” icon_2=”icon-star” icon_3=”icon-group” icon_4=”icon-user” icon_5=”icon-ok” name_1=”Customer Service” text_1=”Without service to our customer, we have no business. Customer service is our #1 priority next to smart tanning.” name_2=”Certified” text_2=”We put our staff members through the Smart Tan course which gives our employee’s the knowledge they need to tan you smarter.” name_3=”Knowledgable” text_3=”Our staff members go through weekly training on products and services to stay up-to-date. Ask our product experts about the 50 different lotions we carry and which one is right for you.” name_4=”Friendly ” text_4=”Friendly, carefully selected, staff that greet you as you arrive and leave. We make everyone feel welcome at Bel-O-Sol Ottawa Tanning.” name_5=”Professional” text_5=”Ottawa is a professional city and deserves professional service. Our staff efficiently serves each customer to attend to you as quickly as possible, without the sacrifice of any service.”]
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