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AG Rooftop Nights


  • Downtown Bronzing Blend: Caramel and Melanin provide an instant glow to the
    skin while DHA gradually develops for a darker, flawless complexion that will leave
    a lasting impression.
  • Nightlife Complex: Cherry Flower Extract is known to prevent reactive oxygen
    species from forming that can damage the skin barrier which encourages skin
    health and a youthful appearance. This floral complex also contains age-defying
    properties to help protect against Blue Light overexposure.
  • Melbourne Skincare Technology: Acacia Extract has high antioxidant properties
    to protect against external aggressors, while caffeine is known to tone for touchable, smooth skin.
  • Vitamin K & E: This blend helps protect against free radicals while improving the
    skin’s barrier for vibrant looking skin.
  • ATO Inhibitor: Witch Hazel is known to prevent unpleasant after-tan odors
    from developing.

WE LOVE: The bronzing agents, Ink-Drink Complex and stunning fragrance!

For the Tan of Your Life and the Life of Your Tan!

Australian Gold is the most recognised brand of indoor tanning lotions. What’s more, the Australian Gold brand offers products to fit every tanner’s needs, lifestyle and price point.