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Australian Gold Sandy Beaches


  • Tropical Infused Intensifier
  • Australian Brightening Complex
  • Radiant Beachy Blend
  • After-Tan Odor Defense
  • Vitamins A, B5 & C, Eucalyptus Water, ATO Inhibitor

Get darker and dive into a tanning experience that brings the allure of the tropics straight to your skin with Australian Gold Sandy Beaches™ Tropical Infused Intensifier. Infused with Banana Extract and Tyrosine, our lotion accelerates your skin’s natural melanin production for that enviable dark glow, while Glycerin ensures your canvas stays perfectly moisturized. With the Australian Brightening Complex, enriched with soothing Eucalyptus Water and vibrant Orange nutrients, your skin will bask in the strength and radiance that comes from fighting environmental stressors head-on.

Not just a tan, but a transformative journey for your skin – the Radiant Beachy Blend with Vitamins B5 and C unveils a youthful complexion glowing with natural radiance. And with our After-Tan Odor Defense, featuring Australian Tea Tree Oil, you can wave goodbye to post-tan odors, stepping out with the refreshing zest of Orange Sorbet fragrance. Sandy Beaches™ isn’t just a lotion; it’s your ticket to a refreshed, radiant, and deeply golden state of being.