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Australian Gold Wild Obsession


  • Bold Bronzing Blend: This rich blend includes DHA, Caramel and Annatto Extract for instant and delayed colour results while Coconut Oil keeps skin moisturized for a faster tan.

  • Desert Sun Skincare Blend: Desert Honey Myrtle is a native Australian plant known to uplift the mind and body with its natural citrus aroma. Combined with Glycerin, these ingredients soothe skin keeping it hydrated and healthy.

  • ColorGuard™ Tattoo Protection: Tiger Grass and Cocoa Butter work to help protect tattoo ink work

  • Purrfection Finish Primer: Uses a natural polymer that acts as a brightening agent and fills in imperfections for a more healthy, even and radiant skin tone.

  • ATO Defense: Tea Tree Oil is a pure essential oil and known to have natural odour fighting properties that prevent after-tan odour from developing.

Unleash the wild side of your tan with a daring bronzer combination that guarantees an enviable color sure to turn heads.

Infused with a Desert Sun Skincare Blend, your skin stays irresistibly soft and smooth, while Australian Gold’s unique ColorGuard™ Tattoo Protection keeps your tattoos vibrant.

Finish with a flawless complexion and a captivating fragrance, making you the obsession of the season.