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SB Shea You Love Me


  • BioBronze® Blend: Tyrosine works to stimulate melanin production to help you develop beautiful, dark, natural-looking colour. Caffeine derived from cocoa increases circulation for a loving, rosy colour. Microminerals and macrominerals from Orange Peel Extract help maintain mineral balance on the skin, while antioxidants, vitamins and amino acid from Camu Camu promote healthy skin for a gorgeous, golden bronze.
  • Super Soothe Complex: This combination of soothing ingredients, Apple, Oatmilk and Aloe is a match made in heaven for sensitive skin. This trio has protective, gentle, soothing properties to calm your delicate skin for a super soft feel.
  • Barrier Balm: Sealed with a kiss from Vitamin A and Vitamin E, this balm allows skin to naturally rehydrate while helping to shield and improve the skin’s barrier function.
  • Moisturizing Butter Blend: Fall head over heels in love with some of nature’s dreamiest ingredients. Creamy shea butter and velvety coconut oil intensely moisturize and condition skin, leaving it ultra-soft and silky smooth. Make Electrolytes from Coconut Water and Sea Salt your main squeeze as they diligently hydrate to combat dryness for nourished skin.
Break up with dry, irritated skin and let Shea love you a better way. Take your relationship with colour to the next level for sensitive skin you can feel confident in!