Tips On Finding Ottawa Spray Tanning Services

There really isn’t anything more attractive than having a beautifully sun-kissed glow. The only problem is that though many people love the way that the sun adds a healthy looking hue to their skin, our skin doesn’t really love the sun. The best way to get the glow you want without the wrinkles, acne, and chance at skin cancer that traditional tanning includes is to go for a spray tanning session. Still, not all sunless tanning salons are good choices. Finding the right Ottawa spray tanning service to give you that splash of bronze you want is crucial if you want to get a natural-looking skin tone. Before you decide which Ottawa spray tanning services you want to check out, make sure you take a look at these helpful tips to ensure that you get the right salon for you.

  • Read up on local reviews. Though it may seem unlikely, there are some Ottawa spray tanning salons that use atrocious products, have reputation for causing streaks, or simply don’t deliver good customer service. If you want to make sure that the salon you choose has good results, read what others in the local area have to say about them. You may just dodge a bullet that way.
  • Look for Ottawa spray tanning services that can cater to your personal needs. Let’s be honest here – a bodybuilder’s spray tan will not likely be the same hue as a bride-to-be’s spray tan. Women and men who are already tanned will need to have a darker tone than people who naturally have lily white skin. Going to a salon that works primarily with bodybuilders is not wise to those who are white as a sheet. Ask the salon if they can handle your skin tone as well as the target skin tone you have.
  • Ask about the products that they use. One of the biggest things that differentiate Ottawa spray tanning services from one another is the spray tanning products that they use. Different products will have very different results – and not only visually speaking, either. If you aren’t sure whether or not the product is safe for you to use, go for a salon that you feel more comfortable with. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t go to a salon that uses products that smell overly chemical.
  • Look for the obvious red flags. Avoid any Ottawa spray tanning salon that doesn’t have a clean studio, unlicensed salon techs, customers that leave with streaks and splotches on their skin, as well as any overpowering chemical smells that float around in the salon. Spray tans set within minutes of being sprayed on, so if you don’t like what you see in the lobby, it may be best to leave.

Believe it or not, it is possible to find Ottawa spray tanning salons that offer great service, great products, and great packages at a very reasonable price. As long as you know what you are looking for, you will be able to get the quality tan you want at a price that you will absolutely adore.

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