Tanning Salon F.A.Q’s

How often can I tan? Can I tan everyday?

The tanning process takes 24-72 hours to process. We recommend to tan every other day. Tanning everyday increases your chance of a sun burn and other negative effects.

I haven’t tanned in awhile, can I start with a turbo bed?

Yes. Starting with a turbo will progress your tan faster. However, reduce your time when starting fresh to avoid over-tanning.

What is the difference between turbo and regular beds?

Our regular beds are still strong with 3 wrap-around facials and 105 watt bulbs. However, Turbo’s have 160 watt bulbs with 3 facials. Also, Turbo’s produce a deeper darker tan that last longer because they are on different spectrum of the UV.

Can you tan if you’re pregnant?

It’s not recommended due to over-heating

Do tanning lotions help me tan?

Yes. Tanning lotions have amino acids that aid melanin production in your skin. They have dark
tanning oils that amplify the UV light on the pigmentation of your skin. Some lotions have bronzers
that bust your skins natural plateau by adding extra colour on top of your skins natural tone. Tingle lotions carry the oxygen to your skin to promote the tan process (like how a turbo on a car pulls more oxygen into the engine).

Any proven benefits to tanning?

Yes. Along with plants, animals and almost every single living life source on this planet, humans need sun too. The humans body creates vitamin D from the tanning process. Your body doesn’t metabolize Vitamin D from food supplements very well.

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