Vitamin ‘D’ reduces the risk of Multiple Sclerosis

Latest news in the Health & Wellness section of the Wall Street journal, talk about a new study that showed a lower risk of MS with a high level of Vit D in the blood stream.

Your body natural makes Vitamin D from U.V rays absorbed in skin from tanning beds or natural sunlight outdoors. Tanning beds emit the exact same U.V light that the sun gives us ( except for harmful U.V C ).

Vitamin D is not found in a lot of foods naturally. Milk has vitamin D because it’s fortified and added to it by the milk company. Fatty fish have high amounts of vitamin D but are not consumed as often as they should be by the average norther american diet.

Researchers say for the average white person, to get 20 minutes of sunlight per day in the summer to
get your daily value of vitamin D. This can be hard to accomplish in Ottawa, especially in the winter or if you have an office job. Jumping in to a tanning bed once in a while is perfect to achieve your weekly
amount of vit D.

Tanning at a salon in Ottawa can also have other benefits, like helping with S.A.D.S (Seasonal affective disorder).

Hope this sheds new light (no pun intended),

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