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What do we spray on the floor of the Versaspa to prevent the spread of pathogens?
What type of problems can come if we don’t spray the floor of the Versaspa after each and every session?
3. What are the most important things we must do or say when customers call for prices? ( list three )
What is your response to a customers question of " Do I HAVE to book an appointment?"
How should you respond to someone asking for a discount?
If it’s a busy winter day, and all the regular beds are taken, the customer is upset. What can we do?
Please list in order the correct things to offer.
How much does it cost to do one tan? I tan down the street for $5 a tan at Mirage Tanning.
What’s the difference between a bronzer lotion priced at $39.99 and a high-end bronzer priced at $79.99 ( in terms of the type of bronzer )
How many people can share tanning session packages?
How many people can share a monhtly (unlimited) tanning package?

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