Spray tanning In Ottawa?

You have three main options, a) manual airbrush sunless tanning by a technician b) Mystic Tan (1st generation) and c) the latest and greatest Versa Spa

Most people prefer the machines vs the technician manually spray them. It’s more private and you don’t have to wear a bikini or underwear. Technicians will claim there’s is more accurate but in fact they machines are 100% accurate and is sprays continuously without human error.

Mystic Tan vs Versa Spa Spray Tanning
The Versa Spa is open concept, no doors to shut behind you. You’re not enclosed in a small booth. More fresh air and less to none self-tanning bronzer in your mouth.

The main benefit of the Versa Spa is the solution. It use’s a new special blend of DHA that isn’t in the Mystic Tan. This special blend promotes a non-orange look and longer lasting results.

Versa Spa® solutions feature natural plant and fruit ingredients.All the active ingredients in the VersaSpa® solution are FDA-approved for use as a self-tanning skin agent.

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