DS 16 Karat Rose Gold


16 Karat Rose Gold (13.5oz) $120 ($4.44 cost per session) When you see the world through rose-coloured glasses, all that glitters is gold! The hunt is over… the treasure you seek is within reach and 16X Dazzling Splendor Bronzer marks the spot. Leave them stunned with Ultra-Refined Gold that delivers a lustrous luminosity only pure […]

Hemp Nation Kiwi & Cactus Water Tan Extender

Hemp Nation Kiwi & Cactus Water Tan Extender (18oz)SRP: $34.00 Feel refreshed and renewed with Hemp Nation® Kiwi & Cactus Water. Powerful Kiwi protects skin from environmental aggressors, while soothing Cactus Water supplies deep moisturization for a hydrated glow. Unique Microbiome Balancer works to balance skin’s natural microbiome properties for healthier-looking skin. Luxurious Hydrating Complex […]

Improve Your Vitamin D Intake with Indoor UV Tanning Devices

Man getting tan in a uv tanning device in ottawa tanning salon

Improve Your Vitamin D Intake with Indoor UV Tanning Devices Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of many parts of the body. It plays an important role in bone health, immune function, and blood pressure. Low Vitamin D level can cause cardiovascular disease and cancer. Vitamin D is found in a few different […]

6 Incredible Tips For A Deep Bronze Tan And How To Keep It!


6 INCREDIBLE TIPS FOR A DEEP BRONZE TAN AND HOW TO KEEP IT! Looking for flawless, perfectly sun-kissed-looking skin? Sunbeds are your best allies in this mission. If you’re new to the sunbed tanning world, these tips will come in handy to take your tanning experience from good to great. 1. Avoid Showering Right After […]